8 Reasons Why Love Is A Waste Of Time



Falling in love is a magical experience between two people. But according to the Famous movie PK “love is a Bhaste of time” Most of the people are unaware about this fact. Here we are going to explain why love is a waste of time for the people.

No time for yourself

When you are in love, your entire world revolves around the special person in our life. You even don’t care about yourself, your dreams, ambitions, and your choices. So let’s be practical as thinking about you is not being selfish.

Always busy in attending phone calls

You can notice the time you are on your phone during the whole day. Imagine how many other important tasks can be done in that time. All your happiness depends on the phone calls and messages.

Always in confusion

You are always thinking about her that if she likes you or not. Here are some signs she is in love with you. Check out various signs, and she is giving to you and move ahead. Do you keep wondering what this particular emoji mean? Why does she send this to me? Hence, you can complicate the simpler things.

Spend the whole of your pocket money

You spend most of your money to impress your boyfriend or girl friend. You always spend on buying makeup, dresses, visiting new places makes the love more expensive.

You make all efforts to please someone

You are always thinking about your partner and make choices according to him/her in various spheres like food, dresses and many more. Why does any of these to impress someone? Just be yourself.


When you compare your life after and before the relationship, you will notice a huge distraction from your daily activities. There is a massive decline in your performance either at your work or study.

No time for friends

You start devoting your time to the single person you are in love. Your friends are saying this often, “girlfriend mile to friends ko Bhool gaya!”

You lose your own identity

After a relationship, you become someone’s girlfriend or boy friend and lose all your identity.

From mentioned above points we can actually say that it is right to say “Love is a bhaste of time. “

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