6 Make Up Tips And Tricks For Teens To Look Prettier

Makeup- when we talk about makeup, everyone has several options to better and beautiful. Here we are going to discuss essential makeup tips especially for the teens that help them throughout their life. It will also streamline your makeup routine as well as save you money and enhance the natural beauty.

Dark Lipstick

Dark lipstick looks outstanding but only with a balance. When you are wearing dark lipstick, always go with the gentle Smokey eyes or natural eyes.

Know your skin

As you are a youngster, it is just a beginning of your experiment with makeup. But before you select any makeup, you should know your skin type and as there are different makeup for each type of skin.


Don’t make the deadly mistake of only utilizing concealer to the spot you want to conceal. When applying concealer, create an upside down triangle shape beneath your eye and blend!


There are multiple ways to get relieved of eyebrow hairs, chemical treatments, waxing, and twee-zing to name a few. However, to protect your skin from dryness and wrinkles down the road, threading is the safest way to go!

Lipstick strains

It is embarrassing when you realize the lipstick strains. In order to get rid of it, just put a finger and slide it out. Or you can use a napkin to remove the stains from your teeth.


It gives you the glowing and a gorgeous look. To achieve this goal, you can create two semi-circles of highlighter on both sides of your face and blend away!

Try these simple makeup tips and tricks to look gorgeous every time.

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